Monday, January 25, 2010

The Universe has sense of humor...

It was five years since I had a man in my life.
So I sent it out to the universe, exactly (because it has to be exactly) what I wanted.
Well, he's showed up!

1. Sense of humor - check!
2. Intelligent - check!
3. Loves history - check!
4. Loves nature - check!
5. Likes Ren Faires, reenacting, etc - check!
6. A writer would be a plus - check!
7. Has some facial hair (not a biggie, but I do love beards) - check!
8. Not afraid to wear kilts - check!
9. Spiritual - check!
10. Part American Indian (not necessary but nice) - check!
11. Just a tad off the wall (like me) - check!
12. Burly, bear-like handsome (I'm tired of the slender guys) - check!!!
In addition he plays the bango and the guitar - and has been a smithy at Ren Faires

Okay - soooooo, what's wrong with him?
He's allergic to CATS!!!!

Goddess, what are you doing to me???

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Hello, my name is Mitzi and I'm a bookaholic, a bibliophile, a constant reader, a reader who reads constantly. Or maybe I should say I'm a B&N-aholic or an A book-buying-aholic...

I admit I've fallen off the wagon - the library wagon.
I went to Barnes and Noble with the intent to buy ONE book - on Rome - to use as research for the novella I'm writing.
I came away with that book, a magazine, the new one (hardback yet) from the author of The Historian (which I LOVED!!!!) and a James Rollins paperback (only because he'd been mentioned in the Preston/Child book I'm reading - I figured if he got into one of THEIR books, he was OK by me).
And I have a book from the I AM trying. But I don't want to wait to read a book or I want to read what I want to read, not what happens to be available.
So I guess I will be saying for a long time:
Hello, my name is Mitzi and I am a book-buying-aholic.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Following My Dream

A health scare will do that to you. In the hospital in early October I found out I had renal artery stenosis and needed a stent in at least one renal artery. That was done and my BP is down to almost normal (along with taking some meds).

I was so worried about kidney disease and the extent of it that I asked the nephrologist (and friend) if I could travel if I was on dialysis. He wanted to know why I'd asked that. "Well, I'm a nurse. I plan for the worse."

I wanted (have wanted) to go back to England - to Glastonbury, to follow the Arthurian legend, to return to Cadbury Castle (Camelot?), maybe meet Geoffrey Ashe (Arthurian scholar and Glastonbury resident). I wanted to take the Avalon to Camelot tour on

This week I made the decision. I'm going to England in June.
My last trip to England may have cost me the relationship with the gentleman I thought I would be with forever. This time I'm going alone. This time is for me.

In fact most of my free time for now on will be for me.
That's what having a BP of 245/140 will do for you.

I'm not just smelling the roses, I'm growing them.