Monday, January 25, 2010

The Universe has sense of humor...

It was five years since I had a man in my life.
So I sent it out to the universe, exactly (because it has to be exactly) what I wanted.
Well, he's showed up!

1. Sense of humor - check!
2. Intelligent - check!
3. Loves history - check!
4. Loves nature - check!
5. Likes Ren Faires, reenacting, etc - check!
6. A writer would be a plus - check!
7. Has some facial hair (not a biggie, but I do love beards) - check!
8. Not afraid to wear kilts - check!
9. Spiritual - check!
10. Part American Indian (not necessary but nice) - check!
11. Just a tad off the wall (like me) - check!
12. Burly, bear-like handsome (I'm tired of the slender guys) - check!!!
In addition he plays the bango and the guitar - and has been a smithy at Ren Faires

Okay - soooooo, what's wrong with him?
He's allergic to CATS!!!!

Goddess, what are you doing to me???


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