Friday, January 08, 2010

Following My Dream

A health scare will do that to you. In the hospital in early October I found out I had renal artery stenosis and needed a stent in at least one renal artery. That was done and my BP is down to almost normal (along with taking some meds).

I was so worried about kidney disease and the extent of it that I asked the nephrologist (and friend) if I could travel if I was on dialysis. He wanted to know why I'd asked that. "Well, I'm a nurse. I plan for the worse."

I wanted (have wanted) to go back to England - to Glastonbury, to follow the Arthurian legend, to return to Cadbury Castle (Camelot?), maybe meet Geoffrey Ashe (Arthurian scholar and Glastonbury resident). I wanted to take the Avalon to Camelot tour on

This week I made the decision. I'm going to England in June.
My last trip to England may have cost me the relationship with the gentleman I thought I would be with forever. This time I'm going alone. This time is for me.

In fact most of my free time for now on will be for me.
That's what having a BP of 245/140 will do for you.

I'm not just smelling the roses, I'm growing them.


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Go, Mitzi!

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