Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Rant for the Day...the Year...the Decade...My Life

Fat Girl Who's Battled her Weight for More Than 50 Years
Picture taken by HB Flyte at the Space Needle Seattle (which held my weight very well)

I am so tired of skinny people...people who have not been fat all their lives...telling fat people that we have to lose weight and intimating that we are lesser people because we are overweight. And that WE are the major health issue in this country...not poverty, not unemployment, not lack of heath insurance.

Decreasing weight is more than the pervasive "life style change". Going from overweight to normal weight - whatever that is - requires more than eating less and exercising more. It requires assistance in other areas - self-esteem, psychological, relationship counseling.

I lost 80 pounds once and then the man I loved died waiting for a heart transplant. Over the last 20 years I gained 40 pounds of that weight back. I have a stressful job. Emotional eating? Stress eating? Just don't give a f--k anymore eating? Maybe.

I might be fat, but I read 50+ books a year. Do you?
I might be fat but I've written three complete novels. Have you?
I might be fat, but I have friends who will do anything for me. Do you?
I might be fat, but I'm considered very smart and personable? Are you?
I might be fat, but I've had many lovers over the last 25 years? Have you?

So - skinny people who have no clue:
Shut the F up and leave me the F alone.

And BTW: I would rather have a fat nurse who knows what she's doing take care of me than a skinny nurse who has no clue.


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