Saturday, September 26, 2009


I met this lovely little baby the other day - little chubby cheeks and big blue eyes who almost smiled at the crazy lady in the big sunglasses.

I asked her name and her father (she was with father and grandparents) said, "Desdemona."

Me: "Ah, someone must be a Shakespeare fan."

Grandmother, proudly: "Her mother and father are English majors."

Me: "That was a dream of mine. But, alas (and yes, I said "alas") I'm a nurse."

Grandmother: "That's a very important job..."

Me: "Well, yes but...."

I said good-bye to Desdemona and walked out of the restaurant. I'd wanted to warn Desdemona about men named Othello but I was already was thinking about the next day and arranging what I had to do.


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