Friday, August 28, 2009

Remembering Senator Kennedy

Yes he made many mistakes in his life - one was deadly to a young woman. Most of his mistakes could have been self-destructive. However, even though he was born into a life of comfort and could have taken on the role of playboy (as he was once accused), he instead took the mantle of champion of the underprivileged - those in the extreme opposite circumstances of his own life. He tried to make life easier for the millions of people who had the least. For that he will always be remembered.

The president of our company has a memory of "Teddy" Kennedy. Both were college students at a bar having drinks and Teddy walked away, leaving Frank with the bill. Yep, Frank was stiffed by a Kennedy. I guess it didn't make Frank too upset because years he later worked on Robert Kennedy's presidential campaign.

As Frank told me the Teddy story yesterday, he became very quiet. "Frank, you could have been..." I wanted to say, a Kennedy confidante, someone high in government... but I didn't because it looked as if he was misting up.

"Life takes unusual turns sometimes" was all he said.

Unusual turns. And endings of eras.


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