Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hooked on Rx Medications....

...I'm not but I can really understand how that can happen. Especially today.
I drove out to Pittsburgh on Wed (after being in the office for part of the morning) and then drove back on Friday (and went into the office).

Yesterday I did some minor housework (thank the Goddess that Olivia is doing the big stuff for me and for $ at least until she finds a job). And then I pulled the weeds in my tiny flower garden. By 9 AM I was at the laptop writing. I didn't sit all day. I did move around. I did some stretching exercises.

But today was Revenge of the Weeds ... TA-dum! I could hardly get out of bed, the pain was so bad.
I took my Tylenol extra strength (now, now, Mitzi, only two and only two every eight -8? - hours) and then I stood in the shower and let the warm water beat on my back. Ahhhhh....that lasted for....well....until I tried to raise a foot to step out of the shower. Owwwww! Back must have wanted me to stay in the shower.

I moved around slowly to wait for the Tylenol work - barely. Then I started back on my short story. I finished it and decided, as reward, to take myself to the new Target by my apartment. I got a cart and slowly walked around. At the end of 30 minutes I was ready to die. I checked out and came home - leaving the bucket of kitty litter in the car for another time.

So, I know how people can get hooked on prescription drugs. There's more than one kind of pain and if they relieve the physical and the emotional, well...heck, why not. The problem occurs when the physical pain should be over but the emotional lingers.

I was "abusing", as my Dr. wrote on the script for blood work, Advil. I was taking two liquid gels every four to six hours - sometimes three liquid gels. But the blood tests that shows kidney function was a little out of whack, so I've been taking Tylenol - which, if I "abuse" that (like more than 6 of the extra strength a day), I can get liver disease.

So I have back pain.

So the next time I pull weeds, I will do it from a sitting position to see if that's better.
But still gotta drive to Pittsburgh.


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