Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Demise of a Local Library?

Easton Branch of the Easton Area Public Library

Local papers having been running stories stating the Easton Area School District, citing shortfall in its finances, is considering pulling its funding for the Easton Area Public Library - one with multiple branches. That would mean a 60% decrease in the library's operating budget and possible closure of the system.

I cannot imagine a community as large as Easton and its suburbs without a public library. When I lived in the Easton area, I visited this library countless times. Each time it would be very busy - people of all ages, education and economic backgrounds would be using all the facilities. I could afford to pay a subscription fee, but what about the kids from the lower income families - the ones that seem to use the library often?

Libraries are the final frontier of education. Anyone can gain free knowledge on almost any subject by spending research and reading time in their local library.

Closing any library in this country is a crime against our future and must not happen. Somehow the library must survive. If it takes subsriptions, then I will pay for one. If it takes volunteers to decrease the costs, sign me up (nothing is better than being around stacks of books).

This cannot be allowed to happen.


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