Sunday, July 26, 2009

Health Care in the Richest Country in the World...

Two thousand people in line at fairgrounds in Virginia to get free health insurance:

This wouldn't happen in England or Canada or Finland or Germany or Australia or...

Do I want more taxes in order to pay for universal health insurance?
Damn straight, I do. Then I wouldn't be paying the friggin' $350/month for my employer-based health insurance. Then I wouldn't have to wait for Medicare to kick in to retire. Then having health care wouldn't be one of my worries if I lost my job.

Do I want my health care/prescriptions rationed?
Another resounding yes! I don't think I need half the tests or medications given me.

Do I want to be told what doctors/hospitals, etc I can go to?
Already happening.

Too bad we didn't follow England's lead at end of WWII.
Less docs driving Lotus Europas and more people with health care.


Blogger Barbara said...

Right on Mitzi, I'm with you. I'm retired and on Medicare, but still have to pay more than $200. for Supplemental insurance to have adequate coverage.

Barbara Hamby

4:42 PM  

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