Sunday, July 05, 2009

Bad Dreams...

I had one - about the family of an ex-boyfriend putting me in a difficult situation. I suddenly awoke with my heart pounding and had to lie still and meditate to get my heart rate down. Very disturbing dream. And then I read my horoscope:

A current disappointment may stir up something unpleasant from your past. At first, everything appears to be in order; your emotions are giving you signals to go ahead. But the appearance of an obstacle could trigger a fear reaction that reminds you of a similar event. Stay focused on what's happening now and don't let a hurtful memory stand between you and the joy of the present moment.

In other words: "Keep your eye on the prize." My prize is to be a published writer for the rest of whatever time I have left. No other dreams need apply.


Blogger Lisa Tomarelli said...

You WILL do it!

10:20 AM  

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