Wednesday, July 29, 2009

We've Got to Get Health Care Right - Right Now

Another article about Third World health care in our Country.

I was at the Rose Garden in the White House in 1993 when President Clinton tried to get health care reform passed. Along with many others, I spoke to the President, Vice President, Mrs. Clinton and Mrs. Gore about the lack of availability for in home hospice care for my dying mother.

Others spoke about the lack of health insurance for their adult children, still in college, and lack of portability of health insurance. One man left the hospital where he was waiting for a liver transplant so he could meet with the President.

We have another President who recognizes the problems. However, we have Congressmen who do not. Maybe we should take Congress' health insurance away from them and their families and make them seek out care at the Wise Fair Grounds in Virginia. Let's see how fast things change then.

Health care is not a privilege for the few. It's the right of all. Without it, we cannot advance as a country.

As the Blue Dog Democrats may say: "Git it DONE!" Now!


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