Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Animal Abuse

I've been listening to Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child's latest: Cemetery Dance. I've read or listened to almost all of their Pendergast books. I was enjoying this one until a very real description of animal abuse and animal sacrifice for a dark form of Voo Doo was read.

It's a comment to Preston/Child's writing skills and the narrator's reading skills that I had to immediately skip to the next track on the CD. I pulled into the Giant parking lot and sat for a few minutes, my stomach roiling. As I got out of the car, I said (out loud), "Guess I won't be eating anymore pepperoni or turkey." A woman putting groceries in her trunk looked at me oddly. No wonder. She had no idea what triggered me to say that - to put aside the only two meats that I've been eating regulary (and yes, I know pepperoni is not a "meat"). I'm even rethinking seafood. I went to get eggs and reached for "free range". I've been steering away from chicken for years and I can't remember the last time I ate beef.

And it's not just the animals we eat.

I look into the eyes of my big tuxedo cat, Murray and see absolute unconditional love. All he needs is a comfortable place to nap, a clean litter box and decent food. How could any one hurt our faithful animal companions?

I wrote a few weeks ago that "Michael Vick is still Sick" - I still believe it.
I don't think everyone should automatically become vegetarians (I will never give up cheese, so keep those "happy cows" happy) but we need to appreciate the other living creatures on this planet.
One of these days we will find that animals are sentient beings - we are close to understanding our fellow primates in this respect.

I will continue to work at being a vegetarian and donate to animals rights groups.


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