Sunday, September 13, 2009

Long Week

It was supposed to be a short week with the Labor Day Holiday on Monday. But it goes down as one of the longest weeks of the year..
I was in the office early Tuesday to write out changes in employee category definitions that several of us had agreed to before Thursday's union negotiations. Then a long morning meeting reviewing all of that - and more. Finally by 1 PM I was on the road driving to the Pittsburgh area.
Wednesday was a day of more meetings and interviews for a soon to be vacant Regional Nurse position.
Thursday Union negotiations and issues that I won't discuss here other than to say that said issues drove me to that night.
Friday more interviews and then a long drive home on Rt. 80 in a downpour.
I had back pain and leg spasms.
Then there was the "noise" under the floor that greeted me when I got home (Rich, taking care of the cats, had warned me) and a Friday evening call to the maintenance man on duty - leaking pipe. Acck!
Saturday - back still crappy and I decided to forgo my writers group meeting to take my time dragging all the stuff out of my living room closet/storage area. That's how they'll get to the pipe - through the crawl space entrance in the floor of the closet.
I've been living on Tylenol and Lidocaine patches.
The only bright spot being Lakeside's PowWow this afternoon.

And tomorrow I get to start it ALL over again.


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