Thursday, September 24, 2009


I really don't mind living alone or not having a significant other - for most of the time.
In fact it's nice not to have to answer to anyone else. But there are times....

Today I sat alone in an Indian restaurant - alone because I'm 300 miles away from home. I love Indian food but I never go to a local Indian restaurant. I can go out to movies alone - it's dark. Sitting in a restaurant alone, as a single woman, is still a bit intimidating for me. Some feminist, huh? When I travel for work, no problem; especially when I ask for the receipt - oh, a business woman on a trip - that explains it, I imagine the wait staff thinking. Why I care about what the wait staff think - well, I guess that's another shrink session.

And speaking of the shrink: She told me I need to look for a group of single, middle-aged women to spend time with. Ohhhh-kay. Craig's List? Calling all lonely middle-aged women. I did look for a book club - but many are during the day: I can't do and the ones at night:I never know when I'll be on the road.

I will once again be going to the Wine Tasting party for my favorite no-kill animal shelter. The few single, close to middle-aged (as in 40's - not 60's) women I know don't have the extra bucks I do and can't afford to go. I hesitate to say, "I'll pay for it." Seems too much like buying friendship.

Maybe I need a Middle-aged Female Escort Service. Yeah and how would THAT look?


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