Friday, March 30, 2007

Tony's Boss

I know, I know - it's becoming an obsession - but leave me to it. At least his picture is not hanging next to John Lennon's in my foyer. I can still tell the difference between reality and fantasy - well, sometimes.
But I digress...
At the PADONA conference yesterday, I decided to go through all the exhibitor booths and get some appetitzers at the "gala" - in the beautiful fountain room of the Hotel Hershey -before scooting back to the Hampton Inn - my back was bothering me and I wanted to rest.
I digress again...
Anyway, with limited seating and holding club soda in one hand (I was driving) and a plate of goodies in the other, I looked for a place to sit my ample butt. I found an empty chair next to several guys - exhibitors for a distribution company - and extracted a promise that they would not be trying to sell me anything.
Wow - lot's of digression this morning.
In the course of the conversation, I looked at the gentleman sitting across from me and said, "You remind me of Tony Soprano." I thought the other two guys would choke. He smiled and said, "Jim worked for me as a bartender when I owned a restaurant in the 1980's. I even bailed him out of a few problems."
One degree of separation. And then we started to chat about other things - what was happening in his life. Let's just say he's a strong, caring man with a lot on his plate and he loves his wife very much. I was immediately reminded of Rich, but I didn't share. It was his story - his and his wife's.
When I finally left, I shook his hand and told him I was keeping him and his family in my thoughts and then said, "Next year, I expect you to have that autograph for me." I made him smile.
One degree of separation.

Dreaming......or maybe not

I've been here for the past three days - Hotel Hershey, in Hershey, PA. And yes, you CAN smell chocolate in the air.
I'm at the PADONA convention - for nursing administrators in long term care. I haven't been in several years - decided to go this year. Wanted to go this year. Needed to recharge my nursey batteries. Did it work - halfway, maybe.
Why only halfway?
Received news about one of our buildings - fined for a survey they didn't deserve. Makes me want to get out of the business even more. I heard speakers who were enthusiastic about their careers. I wish I could be - how can you when you feel you never do anything right?
And every time I'm here, I think about how beautiful a wedding would be in the lobby around the Italian-type fountain with the lovely roof-sky looking down. I'm a romantic, I know. I can't help thinking that maybe, somewhere.....and then I think about what I've gone through in that part of my life, would I want to do it again?
Enthusiasm about a career and a lovely wedding.
In your dreams, Mitz, in your dreams.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

New Saying

If you can't change the situation, don't allow the situation change you."
Me, 2007

My therapist (Whaaaat? Do you think Tony Soprano is the only one who has issues?) told me that I have a "highly developed sense of responsibility." That's why work bothers me so much and I get so frustrated that no one's listening to me. Unlike Tony I don't have to off people in my job. I may want to; I just don't.

So, I decided I will still do my job to the best of my ability and leave the highly developed sense of responsibility for my writing.

A resolution, a bit late.

It's Outta Here!

I just mailed all 393 pages of Elizabeth Peacock and the Body on Abbey Road to the agent who requested the full manuscript. Of course I included a synopsis and a query letter. I is a writer, ya know.

I'm a bit sick to my stomach. Why?
I'm afraid of rejection. You would think I'd get used to that by now, huh?
I'm afraid of acceptance. Then more will be asked of me.

It's just so much easier to stand still. It's easier to say, "Oh, I'm working on this book" than it is to say, "Yeah, I was rejected" or even "Yeah, the agent wants me to write three more."

But, just in case, I'm halfway through the second book in the Elizabeth Peacock series. And I have a very good idea with what I'm doing for the third book.

Just in case.