Saturday, June 17, 2006

Answer me, dear Deepak

I love this guy so much I call him Deepak. But, alas, have yet to meet him. I've read many of his books and tried to follow of his teachings.

Now he (and others) have ventured into the realm of physical love/couplehood and its importance.

Oh, Deepak - not at a time when I've finally decided that era of "the relationship" has passed for me. I'm entering MY time, where I'm concentrating on MY needs, MY wants, MY future.

A relationship implies that you are basing your needs, wants, future on another's. I did that, several times, didn't work. So I have a new plan.

Although I say MY a lot, I'm not being totally selfish. I use the word as it applies to ME in the UNIVERSE. How can I help the universe - for as goes the Universe, so goes Mitzi.

I have walked the path of life, holding hands with a man. Sometimes I was pushed off that path. Sometimes I jumped. But I always came back to the path and continued to follow it alone. I have finally come to a place of peace with myself - alone. Not lonely - but alone.

I'm okay with that.
Can you be okay with that, too, Deepak?

Friday, June 02, 2006

US Wants Internet Companies to Save the Sites...

Oh, what a tangled web...
At least this one is out in the open - not like the telephone calls being sent to NSA, etc.

So now AOL, Google, etc will be saving all the sites I visit just in case that's information that can used against me if I ever do something dastardly - could that "something" be like speak out against this administration? I hope not - because if it is, that dossier on Mary Catherine Tornese Flyte is growing by the hour.

Where is Thomas Jefferson when you need him?