Friday, October 26, 2007

Now We Are Sixty

I had thought about doing some verses for us boomers turning the Big 6-0. I still might. But I do like Milne's "Solitude".

Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Rejections Are Rolling In...

I keep at it.
I keep submitting.
Rejected by an editor and an agent at NJRW conference, I came home to another rejection from Woman's World.
Not to be discouraged, I submitted to more agents online and received two more rejections.
Five in one week.
I'll keep at it.
I believe in my little book - imagine Stephanie Plum at 48. Jessica Fletcher meets Fox Mulder.
Elizabeth Peacock and the Body on Abbey Road. It's funny and different.
So I'll keep sending out queries.
I will be published!

The White Horse Reading


It was the first time I'd been on a horse since I was 8 years old - 52 years ago. I'd been daydreaming about riding - taking lessons - an overweight woman with a bad back - sure, that's smart. But still...I wanted to be near a horse.

So when Deb told me about Willow's Hobby Horse Ranch and the day with Willow's horses, nature walks and vision quest, I didn't hesitate. I said, "I'm there."

Saturday I left PLRW's meeting early - something I rarely do. But I had a date - with Merlin.
Standing by the ring, I looked at the big white horse. Someone had already slid off him, twisting her leg. Was I really going to do this? Could I embarrass myself in front of strangers? Could I do all of that just to satisfy a silly fantasy? I could and I did.
It was difficult getting my chubby self up (and later off) on the patient Merlin -but there were helpers. It really does seem high when you're sitting on a horse. But I remembered to tuck my knees in and I hung onto the saddle horn. So you see, I wasn't really riding - I was being lead. But I was on a horse - a beautiful, calm, loving horse - as Willow lead me around the ring and did a "reading" on me - Merlin and Willow together.

I didn't want to get off Merlin - I wanted to go around again - and again. I wanted to be able to really ride.

Maybe I will take lessons.

Maybe I will just keep dreaming.

But I will always remember Merlin.

My reading:

Bear: Awakening of power of the unconscious

Cougar: Coming into your own power

Caterpillar: Let the creative process take a natural course

Angelite: Communicate with my animal guides

Maple: Longevity, love, money

Burdock: Healing, protective, wards off negativity

Ludima Gus Burton

I first met Ludima at Romance Writers of America National conference in Washington, D.C. We were both waiting for agent appointments.

Ludima got her first writing rejection when she was 71; I got mine at 12. But we both were still trying.

I met Ludima again last weekend at New Jersey Romance Writers conference. In her eighties, she's still writing and publishing - and still smiling.

She's a perfect role model for me as I keep writing and looking for an agent - at the youthful age of 60.