Sunday, December 16, 2007

Advertisement for an Electronic Reader

As a member of the Romance Writers of America I was especially interested in this ad that greets commuters and visitors in New York's Port Authority.
I guess I should be more "discreet" when I read "those" books.

Our Little Tree

Mitzi's Santas

Christmas in New York City 2008

Rockefeller Center

Bryant Park

December 8, 2007

Strawberry Fields

Another Fan

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Why People Buy Online

Two things first:

1.I will not go to a Circuit City store to buy anything - I decided that when I read about how they treat their long-time workers - firing them in order to hire younger, cheaper replacements.

2. There's a Circuit City about 3 miles from my house, unlike the Best Buy that is 15 miles away on one of the busiest divided highways in the area - and on the wrong side of the divided highway for me.

So I finally decided what I wanted and I also decided to get it at Best Buy - because of #1 and in spite of #2.

I meandered around the divided highway through pre-Christmas mania. It's not in an easy in, easy out area. You have to get in an exit-only lane (exit onto a second busy highway - Rt 22) to get into the store (and therefore to get out of the store and unless you want to get on Rt 22 - which I did NOT - to get back on MacArthur Rd you have to cross at least two lanes of traffic - pre-Christmas traffic).

Once I found a parking place I had to make my way through the crowds in the store. I found what I wanted and then waited for someone to help me get it. It was 2:15 and I had a 3:00 appointment at my hair stylist - in the middle of Allentown - not an easy city to zip through.

The young man who waited on me (finally) was very nice and very sorry that there were none in stock so I said, "That's OK. I'll order it online." He assured me that he could do that right there and I reluctantly said ok, thinking about the time ticking away, the traffic and my quickly growing roots. He entered the order, after a few minutes of trying to get the computer to work (hey - this is BEST BUY - could we have a computer that works, huh?). He finally made the order and then we had to walk across the store to another computer (HUH?) to print out my order so I could pay for it. The printer was out of ink and they didn't have any more (hey - this is BEST BUY - can we get a cartridge, huh?) I looked at my watch. "Thanks, like I said, I'll order it online."

I made my hair appointment - barely - and my roots are now covered. I came home and made an account for Best Buy online - because of #1 and #2.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Black Eye Update

My black eye is almost gone and with my wonderful Bare Minerals makeup (shameless plug for something I love), it's not at all noticeable.
However, I still feel like a klutz. I have to stop rushing around and take my time.
Walking slowly like the queen I am, for now on.