Saturday, December 15, 2007

Why People Buy Online

Two things first:

1.I will not go to a Circuit City store to buy anything - I decided that when I read about how they treat their long-time workers - firing them in order to hire younger, cheaper replacements.

2. There's a Circuit City about 3 miles from my house, unlike the Best Buy that is 15 miles away on one of the busiest divided highways in the area - and on the wrong side of the divided highway for me.

So I finally decided what I wanted and I also decided to get it at Best Buy - because of #1 and in spite of #2.

I meandered around the divided highway through pre-Christmas mania. It's not in an easy in, easy out area. You have to get in an exit-only lane (exit onto a second busy highway - Rt 22) to get into the store (and therefore to get out of the store and unless you want to get on Rt 22 - which I did NOT - to get back on MacArthur Rd you have to cross at least two lanes of traffic - pre-Christmas traffic).

Once I found a parking place I had to make my way through the crowds in the store. I found what I wanted and then waited for someone to help me get it. It was 2:15 and I had a 3:00 appointment at my hair stylist - in the middle of Allentown - not an easy city to zip through.

The young man who waited on me (finally) was very nice and very sorry that there were none in stock so I said, "That's OK. I'll order it online." He assured me that he could do that right there and I reluctantly said ok, thinking about the time ticking away, the traffic and my quickly growing roots. He entered the order, after a few minutes of trying to get the computer to work (hey - this is BEST BUY - could we have a computer that works, huh?). He finally made the order and then we had to walk across the store to another computer (HUH?) to print out my order so I could pay for it. The printer was out of ink and they didn't have any more (hey - this is BEST BUY - can we get a cartridge, huh?) I looked at my watch. "Thanks, like I said, I'll order it online."

I made my hair appointment - barely - and my roots are now covered. I came home and made an account for Best Buy online - because of #1 and #2.


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