Monday, November 26, 2007

In Defense of Black Friday/Avoiding China

I never, ever, ever go out on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Never, ever...
Until this year. I saw the flyers with all the deals. I saw the times the stores were opening and I thought, "What the heck, I'm up early anyway."

And guess what. I had fun. Sure I stood in a long line for the Kohl's checkout but I was behind a nice lady with a written list. We chatted and joked and enjoyed ourselves. A bright mom had her daughter stand in line while she and another daughter went for their goodies, bringing them back to daughter #1.

I hit three stores in an hour - I knew what I wanted and where it was in the store. I took myself out for breakfast and then went to the fourth store. I'd started out at 4:30 AM and was home by 7 - the Cruiser full of stuff.

Most of the stuff I got was for me, me, me (almost all my shopping is done). But I found some great work gifts and something for Heather. And I had fun.

Now for Avoiding China:

It's very difficult - almost everything I picked up was labeled "Made in China". But I also bought some things from craft fairs and online. One of my favorite places is the SPCA website - got a couple of things from them. And for the person who has everything, you can get them an entire wolf family at I have one - and entire family of wolves I've adopted for one year.

Nothing says Christmas like a family of wolves, or penquins, or polar bears.


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