Thursday, March 08, 2012

More Changes

Now that "the company" has been sold and the office from which I worked closed, I'm coming to terms with more changes than just retiring.

I've worked with many of these people for more than fifteen years. I've worked with the people in our facilities for the same amount of time. Most of them I will never see again, or hear about.

When I decided to retire this year, I thought "the office" would always be there, my work-friends would always be there. I would be able to go back every so often, having lunch, go out to dinner, gossip, find out what was going on with people I knew and liked. But most of them are going out on their own, trying to find jobs (and jobs with health insurance - that's a biggie). Many of them are over 40 - some close to 60 or 60. They're worried.

And I'm worried for them. I like them - all of them. I "friended" a lot of them on Facebook.
But it won't be the same.
If I win the lottery, I'll have a giant PennMed reunion.
And then we can all catch up...and gossip.

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