Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Sometimes I need a slap on the forehead.
Sometimes I need something less forceful.
Today I got the second one.

I was cranky today.
My back and right leg hurt from driving to one of our facilities.
I didn't like something that was in an email.
I really wanted some chocolate but I'm trying to get my blood sugar below 136 fasting.
I was cut off in a parking lot.
Yeah, I was cranky...
Until I saw a man standing near the exit of the Target parking lot with a sign:
"Will work for grocery money for family."
I stopped the car - letting anyone behind me wait. And I gave him $40, saying "I wish I had a job for you."
He thanked me - a lot.
Yeah, he could spend it on drugs or booze or both.
But even if he does, my life is so much better than his.
And maybe that $40 will go to food for his family.
That's a chance that was worth the two twenties to me.


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You're the best :)

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