Friday, March 18, 2011

The Dream - Again

For some reason I've been sleeping very deeply lately and dreaming, vividly.

Last night I had "the dream" again. I was back in the hospital where I was educated and where I worked after becoming a nurse - an education and a job I didn't really want, so it haunts me in my dreams.
In this version of "the dream" I'm lying in my bed but I'm in an office in the hospital. I get myself out of bed, fully dressed in nurse white (do any nurses wear that these days?) and take another nurse (also in white) on a tour of the hospital. We talk about the hospital and mention names of nurses from my past and names of people from my present.

It was more than surreal - it was very real.

Lately Morgan and I have been doing some definite planning for my retirement - even beginning to plan a simple wedding ceremony. Can this be why "the dream" has returned? Will I regret retirement and that I'm no longer "a nurse"?

And the big question:
Once I do retire, will I still be "a nurse" in my nighttime dreams and never "a writer"?


Blogger Heather said...

What matters is that you're a writer while you're awake.

You can't just erase 40 years of memories from your brain. I still dream of the old house and I've been out of there for over 10 years.

11:52 AM  

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