Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Rant about Packaging

In the last few days I've tried to open the following:
1. a pack of crackers
2. a package of batteries
3. a package of tissue paper
4. a plastic bowl of pre-cut fruit
5. a locked cupboard

I worked very hard at opening up 1 through 3, needed help with 4 and 5 remained locked.

Packaging these days required you to use a knife or a special tool to cut through the thin or thick plastic coverings. Sometimes I've even injured my fingers trying to get through to whatever I wanted.

Must manufacturers use heat, shrink-wrap to cover everything these days?
As I age my fingers don't work as they used to, so I find myself hacking away with knives, scissors, tweezers, keys (especially if I'm in the car)...almost anything metal with a sharp point.

Can we just have packages that are easy to open?


Blogger BlogBloke said...

I use my teeth to open some packs,but I know what you mean.
In the past I have stripped wire, but that ruins your teeth, I've got some real bad groves due in my teeth to stripping wire

11:57 AM  

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