Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Two Elizabeths

As I watched CNN this morning I realized that there were two stories about very strong women, both named Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Edwards lost her battle with cancer this week and today she will be laid to rest. She is a role model for all women. Her resilience (the name of her book) and her grace are guidelines for us all.

The other Elizabeth is much younger, Elizabeth Smart. I watched as this courageous young woman stood in front of cameras and spoke about the sentencing of the man who'd kidnapped her as a child. Her courage and poise are also guidelines for us all.

To Elizabeth Edwards: Rest in Peace and be with your son.
To Elizabeth Smart: I hope life gives you the best - you have earned it.

I hope to keep the images of the Two Elizabeths with me for some time.
I know I will try to be like both of them as I live my life.


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