Friday, October 01, 2010

Of Soars and earplugs...

I just came home from Soars' Record Release party in Bethlehem.
I loved their sound live and even more in the confines of my car, listening to the CD on the way home. The music is haunting...something that stays with you.
However, I'm not an objective observer. My nephew, Chris Giordani, is the lead singer and guitar player for the three-man, one woman group.
I've never been to a Record Release Party and was thrilled to be included - the oldest one there.
The groups before Soars, Arc in Round and Lower Berth, were great. After the first set I realized why there were earplugs at the entrance. As a veteran of many concerts, including three Beatles concerts with loud music and screams, I scoffed at the earplugs. Any damage to my ears was done almost fifty years ago, thank you. I listened bare-eared.
I listened and I enjoyed and I remembered, in a room filled with people less than half my age, that my heart is a heart of rock...and roll...the louder, the better.


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