Monday, September 27, 2010

Sick Day Thoughts

I awoke with a hacking cough that I couldn't get rid of and decided, for once, to be a good nurse and take a sick day. I made the necessary phone calls and went back to bed. Minus bathroom and phone call breaks I slept from 8 PM until 10 AM. So I guess I needed it.

I'm now watching an marathon of X-Files episodes that I recorded. The one on now stars the wonderful Tony Shalub as a physicist with a bit too

Sick Days are very difficult for me. I hate to come back after a sick day. I feel like I've played hooky - even when I'm really sick. I like being lazy but I hate being lazy when I feel crappy. I feel crappy but also feel like I should be doing something constructive - like writing or getting out Halloween decorations. Dragging out decorations will get me coughing again. I feel too crappy to concentrate on writing more than this blog.

So I guess I'll brew a cup of tea, nice and strong with some honey, and go back to Mulder and Scully. At least I'm taking notes on ideas for X-Files inspired stories (finding a dead elephant in a South American jungle was one)- and other interesting tidbits: like Fox's badge number. Yep, jotted it down. Ya never know when something like that can be important.

I wonder if I can find an FBI badge at a flea market.....
Yeah - I really want to be Mulder, even if I've written that I'd like to be Blomkvist.   Maybe there's not that much difference between to two: Don Quixotes  tilting at windmills.
Mulder's were just harder to see.


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