Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What's Up with This?

From the great blog: comes an unbelievable story:

School Suspends Crying Son of Murdered Man Because His Eyes Were Red

A high school in the town of Trophy Club, TX suspended a 16-year-old boy because he came to school with bloodshot eyes. School administrators say that's enough to make the case he was using marijuana.

When the boy's mother called the school to explain that the boy had been crying because his father had been murdered, the school said the boy could return to school, provided the boy pass a drug test.

He took the test, and was allowed to return to school.

The boy's mother says she is trying to get the district to remove the suspension from his permanent record. Administrators told her she must go through the formal appeals process for that to happen.

And that's how it works in the happy hamlet of Trophy Club, TX.

Mitzi's note: It's time to re-evaluate the drug-paranoia in this country and what we may be doing to our children because of it.


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