Saturday, September 04, 2010

A Morning Dust-up

I'm old enough to remember "The Thrilla in Manilla". This was "The Bitchin' in the Kitchen."

I awoke to a wonderfully sunny Saturday morning after a nice long sleep. I was refreshed and ready to roll. I even had some goals.

Those great goals had to wait while Lenny Six-toes and Murray the Monster had their go-around.
I found Lenny on the bathroom sink getting a drink and Murray sitting outside of the bathroom door keeping Lenny in.

I checked the automatic water bottle - almost empty. I immediately filled it. Murray scooted in and dunked his paw in to make sure the water was real. Lenny stood at the entrance to the kitchen, watching. Murray took two sips and walked away. Then Lenny went to the water dish and on the way received a whack from Murray. Lenny backed off, not realizing that Murray was a clawless as he is.

I shooed Murray away to allow Lenny some space. Then I sat down with my coffee.
I should have stayed in the kitchen.
Evidently Murray went back in to tell Lenny he'd had enough to drink and the Bitchin' in the Kitchen began. What a dust-up. I had to break it up twice - once Murray tried to stand on top of the large plastic water bottle.

But now all is calm. I had cats around me as I read - Murray and Huusker on the back of the loveseat and Six-toes on my lap.

I'm waiting for the Brawl in the Bathroom.


Blogger Heather said...

I'm laughing just thinking of the pure hubris that Murray has. LOL!

11:07 AM  

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