Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Taste of Retirement

Should I tell people I want to retire in two years or should I leave people guessing?
I think I need to plan and the company needs to plan for my future absence. Not that they will die without me. I would love to think I'm invaluable but I know I'm not.
And I need to know what it would be like to go from "full-speed" to "slow". Or would I?

I had Thursday and Friday off this week - with no travel plans. I usually spend my vacation days going somewhere - this year to Seattle to see Heather and then to England.

The results of two days with no travel plans:
Morgan and I spent Thursday at Musikfest - in the rain. We enjoyed it. We seem to enjoy anything we do together. Did I mention that Morgan is retired?
Friday was spent (sans Morgan), editing The Last Prophecy and reading.
Saturday was my RWA chapter meeting (Pocono Lehigh Romance Writers), errands, and then dinner, the Oley Peach Festival and book sale with Morgan.
Today's agenda: Writing, laundry and straightening up the apartment because Morgan, Olivia and Josh will be over before we go to a play in the evening.
I'm sure, if I were retired, not every day would be packed with activities.
For most days I would like to follow the Stephen King schedule: write in the morning, take a walk, read in the afternoon.
And I would have enough projects to keep me busy.
I have to finish editing another book, Moonstone Magic.
I have to work on The Change and Daffodil Season (both unfinished).
I have to finish another Macie Carter novella, When in Rome.
And that's not counting the short stories swirling around in my head...
Or our plans to travel.

Now that I've had a taste of retirement, I may want the whole pie.


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