Tuesday, August 03, 2010


One of my many guilty pleasures.

I record the show and then fast forward through the stupid parts. I do a lot of fast forwarding.
But last night I was watching a train wreck named Maria who was decidedly not as perfect as she claimed to be. I heard this 20 year old know-everything say she was not going to work; she was going to stay home and do nothing, not even the housework or cooking.

Sometimes I wonder where I went wrong:

Oh, yeah, now I remember: I went to nursing school and had a job when I got married. I never thought I would NOT work. I hoped for a part time job and eventually got that - however, I also had a full time job while working the part time one.

But not this Bridezilla - she's doing nothing.
Odds on how long this wonderful marriage will last?
Maybe not as long as mine.



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