Friday, July 30, 2010


It's like "Cher"... nothing needs to be added to the name.

If you live in the Lehigh Valley, you just need to say "22" and you hear the groans and the moans.
Yesterday evening I was once again stuck on 22...that's Route 22 to those of you who live in the country...another country.

I get stuck on 22 often since I drive back and forth across the state for work. I'm usually driving home, eastward, during the evening rush hour. Now THERE'S a misnomer: "rush" hour. There's NO rushing on 22 during "rush" hour. It should be called "slow" hour or "stop" hour or "why is that truck on my a-s while we're only going 5 miles an hour" hour.

Yesterday, while I was stuck on the Lehigh Valley's longest, narrowest parking lot, I thought about...retiring.

Then I would go out on 22 between 1PM and 3 PM when everyone else was working.
Or maybe I would just not go on 22 ever again.
It's not like I would have to.


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