Wednesday, July 14, 2010

He's Baaaaaaaaack!

My good neighbors saw a cat sitting on my patio, looking sadly in the window. They closed the gate and put the babygate up so he couldn't go anywhere and then called the apartment management, who called me.

It was the FC, or now affectionately called Poncho.
Kiss him or kill him?
I kissed and hugged and cooed and when I put him down inside the apartment, he made a beeline to the food.

Last night he spent most of his time on my lap (and I spent most of my time getting out many tiny, tiny burrs that had caught in his long fur)- same this morning.
I hope he's learned that being a well-cared for house cat is a lot better than living out in the wild.
And let's hope that memory is a lasting one.
Welcome home, Snowfoot/LalalalaLola/Poncho/the FC.
Now sit...stay.

(P.S. I just discovered that I have multiple mosquito bites from my night of sleeping on the grass waiting for the prodigal cat.)


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