Wednesday, July 07, 2010

So what's wrong with a beaver......

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My thoughts on this:
1. Years ago there once was a lovely statue commissioned for downtown Easton, PA that had the same issues (in the viewpoint of some people) and it was decommissioned.
2. It's nice to know that some people think they're aware of what female genitalia look like. But just like our faces, women are all different and all beautiful, even "down there".
3. If one looks around there are lots of representations of male genitalia. Silos are the first to come to mind.
4. I may see the image of an elephant in a cloud and someone else may think the same cloud is a pirate ship.
5. Have these complaining people REALLY looked at Georgia O'Keeffe painting?
6. We haven't come a long way, baby, since that statue was commissioned for downtown Easton, PA.

Too Much 'Beaver'?

UPI - A scene painted on a beaver statue struck some observers as female genitalia, prompting its removal from a public art walk in Bemidji, Minn., an organizer said.

Deborah Davis of Blackduck says her piece of art, one of nine fibreglass beaver sculptures painted by area artists, was meant to portray a praying woman's hands.

But about 20 people who sized it up as they took in downtown Bemidji's Sculpture Walk called city officials to say they saw something entirely different when they looked at the beaver's belly. And so the offending statue disappeared from the public space on Thursday by order of City Manager John Chattin.

Al Belleveau, president of the Bemidji Sculpture Walk, said he transported the sculpture to his yard until the City Council rules on its future on Tuesday.

But removing the beaver stirred emotions in others who are upset the sculpture was removed. Davis said a group of people had gathered at the spot where her statue had stood carrying signs that read "Censored" and some of the other beaver artists covered up their own works in solidarity with her.

"My intent was to paint Mother Nature, Mother Earth," said Davis, a former kindergarten teacher. "I didn't understand that some people saw genitalia. ... I understand people see different things in art, and they need to be free to do that. ... My intent was to paint a praying woman."


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