Sunday, July 18, 2010

Name That Cat...

He doesn't answer to Snowfoot.
He doesn't answer to LalalalaLola.
He doesn't answer to Poncho.

He does have six toes - at least on his front feet.

Today Morgan told me about a camp counselor he worked with as a young man; the counselor had six toes on each foot. Morgan and a friend would pull a prank on this counselor by telling the campers that this counselor's extra toe was fake and the campers would win a prize if they could take it off while he slept.

"Yep," Morgan said. "That was Six-Toe Lenny."
"That's what I should name the cat!" I said. "Heck, he doesn't answer to anything so I can give him a new name every week."

So when I got home, I looked at the six-toed cat, lying on his perch by the window, and I said, "Lenny, time to eat."
He was in the kitchen before I was.
Now maybe he knows the word "eat" or maybe, just maybe, I've finally found the right name.

For Six-Toed Lenny?
Nah....for Lenny Briscoe and besides, it goes well with Murray.

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Blogger Chris Casey said...

I always liked Jerry Orbach on L & O. Six toed Lenny is excellent!

6:05 PM  

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