Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Weird Idea...

We all know I'm weird.
I've accepted that.
I follow all the "paranormal" news and I've even posted some here.
While reading one of my weird magazines (World Explorer), I had a thought (yeah, yeah - a weird thought):
There seems to have been an increasing amount of weirdness going on, or rather, weirdness sightings, over the last few years. Crop Circles. Bigfoot. Huge Fish. Large Black Cats. UFOs. Ghosts. Fairies.
We are less than two years away from what one of the few surviving Mayan Codexes may have noted as the end of....something.... just what it's the end of is unclear.
The Date is (of course, if you don't know, you've been living on Venus and if you have been living on Venus, you've got one helluva tan)...cue the base drum roll... 12/21/12 or if you're in Europe: 21/12/12.
So just what will happen?
Some theories:
1. Nuthin' and we'll all turn over in our snuggy beds and dream of sugar plums. (Remember the Y2K crap?)
2. Some people will freak out and act out, more so than usual.
3. "New Agers" (and I sometimes count myself in that mystical group) think that there will be a shift in consciousness. Huh? Not unless we're all shifting at the same time in the same direction. I, for one, cannot see a fanatic Muslim who wants to stone female rape victims suddenly turning into Alan Alda on 12/21/12.
4. And to be politically correct with #3, nor do I see fundamentalist Christians who believe that the rest of us are going to Hell in a very large handbasket changing their ideas on the same day.
5. There will be a shift in the earth's crust. It has happened before and if it happens in 2012, let me just say that you should give your Christmas presents early because if this earth moves, ain't nuthin' gonna be left.
6. There could be a Polar Shift - this has also happened before and results are the same as #5.
7. Various other astronomical and geographical scenarios that my poor brain cannot wrap around - but that would led to "THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT".

So what does all of the above have to do with the increase weirdness that is going on?
Maybe, just maybe, all of the "sightings" are things, animals, people that live in a different dimension. Look it up. Scientists do believe there are different dimensions other than what we see.
Maybe the dividing line between the other dimension(s) and ours is thinning...allowing us to see beings that exist in their own "place" but sometimes "bleed" into ours.
And maybe that line is thinning because...well...we're getting close to (cue the Law and Order theme): 12/21/12, when the dimensions will merge.

Fairies and elves and bigfoots...oh, my.

See, I told you I was weird.
But remember - I did predict the housing crash - and right on this very blog, too.

Just sayin'....

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