Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Used Book Sales

Like a gambler going to Atlantic City, Vegas or any number of Pennsylvania locations, I should not go to these. However, I do...willingly.

I went to the Oley Community Library Used Book sale Saturday with Morgan. There is no Oley Community Library - they want one - that's why they're having a used book sale. Sigh. Sort of like having a bake sale to fund the police department. I know how Oley used to do that, but that story's for a different post.

I love used book sales. I never know what I'll find. At this one I found the memorial edition of Profiles in Courage (immediately borrowed by Olivia as soon as she saw it). I bought two other books. One is a Josephine Tey mystery - she's been one of my favorites since she convinced me that Richard III wasn't all that evil in her book Daughter of Time.

Looking over all the books carefully packed in boxes with the boxes labeled and placed on tables under tents, I wondered what will happen to "used book sales" if the Kindle and the Nook become the most popular form of reading.

I handed The Little Stranger to my coworker, Kim yesterday. "I don't have to buy books with all that you give me to read."

"Enjoy it while it lasts," I said. "I get my Kindle in a couple of weeks."

Enjoy it while it lasts, used book sales...

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Blogger Carol A. Strickland said...

I have my Kindle but still buy used books. Why? Because a LOT of Kindle books are grossly overpriced. I will boycott such to the best of my ability! If there's a used print version available, I'll get that. Despite the rapidly shrinking supply of bookshelves in my house. And yes, I feel guilty that the author won't make $$ off my purchase. Blame the publishers (and AMAZON!) for pricing their ebooks so high!

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