Sunday, September 19, 2010

Why Do DUMB Stuff While Driving...

I had an AHA! moment while driving across Pennsylvania on the PA Turnpike last week.
Now let me get one thing straight: I love the Turnpike; the new rest stops look great and I love getting my Starbucks fix every 30 or so miles, not to mention the great new toilets.
However, driving is boring, especially when it's the same route to the same place over and over and over...
I listen to audio books.
So, I'm not usually bored. But the AHA-moment came when I'd pulled out onto the turnpike after a stop and had yet to hit "play".  I tooled down the highway and thought, "What a waste of time..."
That's what people think...people who call, text, read their Kindle (Yep - there was a news item about a bus driver who did just that - must have been some book)...
Driving, for many people, is a waste of time. "May as well get some other stuff done while I'm driving..."
Hmmm?! Not if I'm anywhere near you, you shouldn't. I value my life.
That's why I love the rest stops along the PA Turnpike. That's when I call, text or read my Kindle...
When I've come to a full stop and the car is in park and maybe even while I'm sitting inside.
People get bored while they're driving. Life is so fast-paced anymore that we have so much to do, maybe too much to do. Too much to get done in the time we have.
So why not make use of the down-time while driving?
Just don't. Please, just don't.
Pull into a parking place, turn off the car before you turn on the phone.
Especially if you want more time...


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