Saturday, April 02, 2011

On Teachers - for Mr. Reilly and Mr. Reinbold

This will not be a blog about teachers who inspired me because there was only one, a short, slightly overweight gentleman from Easton, PA who happened to find himself teaching history in a Laurel, Maryland high school. His classroom was in the lower level of the school, in a corner and was uninspired in its blandness; however, Patrick Reilly was not bland. Mr. Reilly acted out history and made it come alive.

Maybe it's because of Mr. Reilly that I will marry a retired history teacher. Maybe it's just because of that retired history teacher. But I know I fell in love with the past in that small, basement classroom.

However, today, teachers seem to have become the Satan in the crusade to balance budgets. We want to slaughter them on the accountants' altars and let others with more money off the hook.

I just want to mention a couple of things:
1. How many teachers could we have if the large multi-billion dollar corporations paid their fair share of taxes?
2. If we make teachers bad guys, then no one will want to be a teacher. Who will teach the next generations?

I think our priorities are backwards.
Just sayin'.


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