Monday, December 18, 2006

Cranky Old Lady at Christmas

Let’s get something straight from the start: I do not hate Christmas. I love Christmas. I’ve loved it for many, many years. I just hate what the season (beginning way before the time it should begin) has become.

I think I finally came to that realization – one that’s been simmering in my stew pot of a brain for many years – when I heard about the boy who was shot for a video game. Playstation or some such thing. Was it to be a Christmas gift for the shooter’s family? How incredible is that kind of thinking?

It’s Christmas – peace on earth, goodwill to men – except, of course, if you have something I want to give to my kid, so I’ll just snatch it from you and, oh, by the way, here’s a bullet for your trouble.

The packed mall parking lots. The inflatable lawn ornaments. The over-spending and over-eating and over-drinking. Is all of that the spirit of the season?

Somehow I don’t think it is.

And speaking of “spirit of the season” – why should the spirit just be around for one season?

But what do I know? I’m a witch. My religion teaches me to “harm none” – even if that person is carrying the latest video game.

Oh, and one more thing: Many of the traditions of Christmas came from old pagan religions – none of which involved buying stuff you cannot afford.

I'm giving to my family, of course - and to friends. And I am giving to those less fortunate (two-legged and four-legged)- just like I do all year 'round - not just for one season.

That, to me, is what Christmas is all about.