Friday, March 30, 2007

Dreaming......or maybe not

I've been here for the past three days - Hotel Hershey, in Hershey, PA. And yes, you CAN smell chocolate in the air.
I'm at the PADONA convention - for nursing administrators in long term care. I haven't been in several years - decided to go this year. Wanted to go this year. Needed to recharge my nursey batteries. Did it work - halfway, maybe.
Why only halfway?
Received news about one of our buildings - fined for a survey they didn't deserve. Makes me want to get out of the business even more. I heard speakers who were enthusiastic about their careers. I wish I could be - how can you when you feel you never do anything right?
And every time I'm here, I think about how beautiful a wedding would be in the lobby around the Italian-type fountain with the lovely roof-sky looking down. I'm a romantic, I know. I can't help thinking that maybe, somewhere.....and then I think about what I've gone through in that part of my life, would I want to do it again?
Enthusiasm about a career and a lovely wedding.
In your dreams, Mitz, in your dreams.


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