Saturday, February 17, 2007

My Theory on the Cause of Spinal Stenosis

Here are two images of spinal stenosis - a narrowing of the spinal column. I have this problem in two areas of my spine in addition to at least one herniated disc. Many things could cause this. A rheumatologist, upon looking at my MRIs, asked me if I had been an athlete in my youth. Evidently my films were pretty crappy - like I had been doing a lot of running, lifting etc. Of course, I laughed and told that I had been the fat girl sitting in the corner reading a book. But I had been a nurse for almost 40 years. Although she thought that could be the cause, I have another theory.

I've had the rug pulled out from under me many times in the last 25 years. And when the rug is pulled out from you - where do you land? On your butt. Landing hard on your butt could cause what? Spinal stenosis.

But after the last long, hard pull, I learned how to fall - gently.
I've also learned not to get too attached to a certain rugs.


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