Sunday, January 23, 2005

Sometimes I DO want a man . . .

. . .in my life. Usually it's on a day like today. There must be more than a foot of snow out there. I went outside several times yesterday to clean off and dig out around my car - using the theory that if I shovel 4 or 5 inches at a time, it's better than 12 inches at one time.

Okay - so I'm sexist (we've had this discussion earlier in the life of this blog). You're damn right! I would much rather be inside making veggie soup than out in the cold shoveling. So freakin' sue me. I'm a woman alone - so I'll be doing both. But also on my own terms - the upside of living single in my 50s.

The news centers are all saying "Stay inside." Okay, sweetie news-reader: Come here and dig out this old woman. Because I DO have to drive to work tomorrow.

Since I'm a witch, I should just twitch my nose; the snow would fall off my car and there would be none of the white stuff from the front of the Neon to the alley. I think I'll just toodle outside, stand by the car and start twitching the old schnozzola.

I'll be the frozen witch with a frozen nose twitch standing in front of a snow-covered Neon.


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