Saturday, January 01, 2005

A New Year

It actually began yesterday with a late lunch/early dinner with Mary and Lorriane at one of our favorite restaurants, The Marblehead - becoming a New Year's Eve tradition with me. Mark and I treated Pattie and Gary to dinner there last year - but that was "last" year.

We then went to an early movie - The Phantom of the Opera - a wonderfully romantic movie with, of course, all the beautiful music from the Broadway show. It was lavish and lush and Minnie Driver was marvelous as La Carlotta. Lorraine, Mary and I agreed that we would have stayed in the Paris underground with the Phantom - what a romantic figure in his half-mask and cape. And there is a moment at then end when you think - even if you know the ending - when you hope with all your heart, that Christine stays . . . But then I recognize my dark half and how I love "the music of the night." Christime, with her youth and lack of maturity, wanted the Count. A book suggestion for my gentle readers (female) - find Sacrement by Susan Squires for a wonderful journey of the heroine's search for her dark half. She would have stayed with the Phantom.

The story of the Phantom and his disfigurement must have been upermost in my mind last night - but more on this on another blog and for another time. It is a new year.

My evening consisted of a Cosmopolitan - darn you, Olivia for telling me about the pre-mixed vodka cocktail - a lovely plate of cheeses and olives. Dessert was Ben and Jerry's Gerry Garcia - low fat yogurt (it IS a new year) and champagne. The champagne was sipped in front of my altar and a bit was left out for the spirits of the night - along with some money.

Morning found me and the cats breakfasting on smoked salmon, bagels and cream cheese. Left over champagne and some orange juice made mimosas. We were quite happy with ourselves as we watched a Miss Marple video.

I'll spend part of this afternoon at Barnes and Noble with Pattie, sipping lattes or chais and perusing magazines and books. My new year is starting out calm and with some of my favorite things.

But my heart is with the people in Southeast Asia. I felt this way on September 11, 2001 and when i saw the suffering we've caused in Iraq - I want to be there - I want to help. But I can't help physically - so I helped in the only way I could: I sent money to Americares - earmarking it for the tsunami victimes.

In this new year I realize how lucky I am.


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