Thursday, December 16, 2004

The Ghost of Christmas Present

Continuing in my Dickensian theme:

I am slowly getting into the Christmas spirit. At this rate I should be singing carols by Valentine's Day.

However, I admit that Scrooge-Mitzi does have a very festive weekend planned. Friday I'm meeting my sister Pattie and our good friend Lorraine at a local restaurant. I have a great surprise gift for Lorraine who loves Johnny Depp - unfortunately Johnny is busy tomorrow, but I have a stand-in.

Saturday morning I'm meeting MaryEllen for a breakfast of champions - pancakes and waffles - maybe either, maybe both. I'm officially off healthy foods until the end of the year and ME is joining me in celebrating carbs. After breakfast I think I'll go to Chriskindlmarkt in Bethlehem and look for some little one of a kind presents.

Sunday is the Yule Celebration at Thom and Maryanne's - a circle and spell work to close out the old year and bring in the new. I'm "calling" North - Mother Earth - my very favorite direction. So I must write something to call her at the beginning and to say farewell to her at the close of the circle. I have to write something. . .oh, dear. . ."oh, pleeeeeese don't throw me in that brairpatch." (Obscure reference for any gentle readers raised on Walt Disney; see "Great Expectations" for more of that). After the circle there will be feasting and festivities (usually lots of talking and giving of gifts and great witchy community). I will get home late, exhausted but very happy.

The week before Christmas at PennMed will be a pleasant one. I may go to a couple of buildings just to spread "cheer." During the week I plan to take two more large bags of cat and dog food to the SPCA and ask about volunteering.

Christmas Eve is for family and Pattie's wonderful baked ziti - a "new" tradition. Pattie, Gary, Chris, Tony, Alyssa, and Aimee (if Chris doesn't have to work) will exchange gifts after the ziti. We may even watch "A Christmas Story" for the umpteenth time - another "new" tradition.

I even have Christmas Day planned - Pillsbury cinnamon buns for breakfast (an old tradition - I have them only twice a year - Thanksgiving and Christmas). I may go to the movies to see Lemony Snickett or The Aviator. The cats and I will dine on scallop and shrimp scampi as our Christmas dinner. I'll call Heather to wish her a Merry.

I have one more thing I may do on Christmas Day . . . . just have to make a phone call and see if he wants me.


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