Monday, December 13, 2004

Not Settling?

Mark once mentioned an ex-girl friend and I asked what happened to the relationship. He said she told him that she didn't have to "settle" for someone like him.

I just wonder if he decided the same thing about me. I never, ever thought it about him - never once thought that I was "settling" for anything less than what I deserved.

But maybe I was. I shouldn't settle for someone who doesn't love me.

Still working through it . . . .


Blogger Jamie said...

Dear Mitz: You should be published though. I understand how difficult this all is. As a photographer when time permits, getting gallery representation has taken ever so long, however, success was finally achieved. Accepting rejection though is so damn hard to do. My wife, a musician, had to work through this too and found people to publish her music and CD over the years by being able to accept the rejection. She's made it due to her toughness. Keep plugging. J

9:43 AM  

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