Saturday, December 11, 2004

Lost Weekend?

No, not like the old movie staring Ray Milland - I don't even have any wine in the apaprtment.

I have a cold - must be a bad one since I had an asthmatic-type attack this morning - bad enough that I got out the nebulizer and Allbuterol from last year - plugged in the little machine and puffed on it as if it there was something happier than Allbuterol in it. Scary, those I-can't-get-my-breath-attacks.

There's so much I want to do but i just have no strength - slept for hours - forgetting to eat supper - there! you know I'm sick when I forget to eat.

I want to go to B&N but I don;t want to hack my lungs out either - which seems to be happening each time I try to do something.

I love doing nothing - but not when I HAVE to.


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