Thursday, December 02, 2004

It's My Depression, damn it. . .

. . .and I intend to freakin' enjoy it! Did Leslie Gore have a record about that?

I'm back to the gentleman who was afraid I was "despondent" because of some of my posts and offered to be "my soft place to fall." Now this came from someone I had just met. When I rebuffed (I think that's what he called it) him, he was offended. Hmmmm. Yeah and your point would be? You hardly know me, dear sir. How can you make a judgment call on some of my posts (did you read all of them) and meeting me once? I'm not despondent.

And I really do have a large circle of friends - from my witchy ladies to my writer ladies to my work friends (including a great bunch of nurses that I "supervise" - as if they need to be supervised). Then there's my daughter - even though she's 3K miles to the west - and my sister - my great younger sister (I've decided to be nice to her since I DID dump her out of her baby carriage 50 some years ago). And then there are my four furry, loving kitties. Right now these people are my "soft place to fall."

However, I want a closer soft place to fall - one that is with me, lives with me, loves with me, cries with me - one who knows me almost as well as he knows himself. I don't want a man to rescue me - just to give me his arm ever so often when the steps are steep or the road is icy.
And yes, I do want a man who can take over the things that I'm tired of doing - fixing the car, changing the oil, shoveling the walk, putting together something. If that's sexist - so be it. I'm sexist after 23 years of doing everything alone. In exchange I will scrub your floors and toilet, I will make your favorite soup and cookies. I will make a home for you and me. I will be there when you're sick, when you're sad, when the world is harsh. I will be your soft place to fall.

So I'm sexist - so sue me.


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