Monday, December 20, 2004

Move On.Mitzi . . .

. . . as opposed to ""

I'm trying - I'm really trying. But this time of year is very difficult.
I promise that I will work harder at moving on . . . I'm just not ready for another relationship. I'm not ready to go through all the agnst of meeting someone new, his family, his friends, etc - just not ready to be put on display again, maybe even to be judged and compared. Just not ready for that.

So I'm moving on by spending time with me - I will do my meditations daily; I will journey; I will write the stories.

I had thought about going back to England this spring but the practical Mitzi said, "Nooooo. . . the dollar is so weak, you may be able to afford a room but wouldn't be able to eat." Maybe I should head west - to the Four Corners; rent a car; do my own exploring. I wonder if Joe Leaphorn is free (another obscure reference- one that only Tony Hillerman fans will get).

I once thought about moving out west - not California, not that far west - but to Arizona or New Mexico. I had thought about working on a res. Yep, and once I had even filled out an application for the Peace Corps. All altruistic ideas that had fallen by the wayside for one reason or another. Now I wouldn't pass the physical for the Peace Corps - but the res . . .hmmmm?

Now that's really Moving On. . .


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