Thursday, December 23, 2004

The Ghost of Christmas Present - Part 2

I played "Santa" today at the office - giving out gifts and candy for everyone. I had a wonderful time, clapping my hands when people were surprised and happy over their gifts. They weren't expensive (needless to say) - just person-appropriate.

One of the best moments for me this season came when I gave Lorraine (a Depp-head), her present - a "Pirates of the Caribbean" poster (framed) with the face of Johnny Depp taking up most of the space. Lorraine is not much for sentimental displays - that's just Lorraine - but she was so pleased she hugged me. A little thought and a little expense and I made her so happy.

That's the joy of this season: showing people how much you know them - how much you care for them - in small ways. That's the message that should be remembered all year - showing gratitude to friends and family. And so that will be my big resolution - to have that Spirit all year round.

Even witches can say it: Merry Christmas!


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